Top 3 Indoor Swimming Arenas In Canada

Swimming while the sun shines bright is a great idea. At times, however, it is best to enjoy some swimming activities indoors. It is at this point that indoor swimming arenas come in handy. In Canada, there are plenty of them which is why, in this post, we review the best indoor water sports facilities you should visit.

1. Village Square Leisure Centre

Primarily meant for kids, this is one of the best indoor water sports facilities you can find anywhere in Canada. Located in Calgary, this facility parks some of the most thrilling water sports equipment to ensure time is well spent. The Nuclear Globe Balls that allow you to float on the water make for the most fun of all.

2. Plunge! Blue Mountain

The name suggests a big thud inside a water body. This experience is exactly what you can expect when you visit this indoor water sports arena. The indoor pool connects to another one outdoor and therefore giving you options on how to spend your time. The best thing about this indoor water arena is that it has a shop where you can buy your swimming costume in the event you arrived without one.

3. Aquadome

In the province of Quebec, we find one of the most inclusive indoor water sports facilities in Canada. In this arena, there are two separate pools; one for adults and another one for kids. In addition, the adult pool offers great aqua cardio exercises. There are hydro bikes that make your time in the arena worth it. The kids’ section is fully supervised to allow you time to also enjoy the water on your own, in the event that you carried your little cubs along. Scuba diving is also available at this spot, as well as swimming classes for those that would appreciate them.