Top the greatest places for surfing in Canada

Canada is a large country in the world. Especially, it is considered as the largest coastline with total 202,080 kilometers of shores. Therefore, this nation is famous for many landscapes around the beach.

To take advantage of benefits of the largest shores, Canada has also developed some water sports like surfing, kayaking, canoeing…

In this article, we share top the greatest sports to enjoy surfing at Canada.

As referred, surfing or called with another name as ice hockey is one of the most popular sport in Canada. Estimated that there are about 2000 surfers along the West (Columbia), the East (Nova Scotia) and the Great Lakes. 

Several inland secrets with beauties of river waves and stunning tidal make more interesting for surfer to enjoy and discover more dangerous spots along the shores of Canada.

1/ Chesterman Beach, British Columbia

Chesterman Beach is located in Vancouver Island’s Tofino district in the British Columbia. This beach is a long and sandy strip, so it’s proper to new comer to start surfing lesson. These waves are quiet and peaceful when players surf near the shores. 

However, the waves are higher and stronger when you go further. Especially when the winds and tides rise, it’s an adventurous trip for any surfer to play, even experienced surfer.

2/ Cox Bay Beach, British Columbia

Another spot in the West Canada called as Cox Bay Beach. It is regarded as the main surfing spot at Canada where almost visitors usually come and discover when travel to Canada for surfing purpose.

It has a long beach with many tides and light winds, so it’s is proper to practice surfing. 

Besides it, Cox Bay Beach should be invested to develop tourist and sports, so they host many national and international events about water sports.