History of swimming in Canada (Part 2)

Swimming is one of the strongest sports of Canadian athletes when they usually reach good achievements in the international tournaments.

In this article, we continue to discover more information about swimming in Canada through some historical events which remark important and meaningful in swimming.

As shared from the former article, 1908 was the first year to remark ranking of Canadian swimming team in the international competitions when Robert Zimmerman- the first swimmer of Canada represented for his nation to join two contents: the 100m Freestyle and the 100m Backstroke. He was the first aquatic specialist of Canada in one Olympics game.

So, in 2008, the Canadian swimming team had a ceremony to celebrate their participation in the biggest competition in the world- called the Modern Olympic game. With all swimmers, this event was meaningful to remark their right and contribution to develop sport of their nation.

During more than one hundred years ago, it was a long and adventurous process for Canadian swimmers. They tried to practice and compete so that the next generation couldn’t cause notorious results or failure to affect effort of the former generation. When they were well-known as top the best swimmers, they were under pressure not to make disappointed to their spectators. It was a hard lesson.

In general, they have collected 40 medals during Olympics games. This is enough to make impressive and admiring for Canadian swimmers.

We can’t forget the hero George Hodgson when he was the first Canadian swimmer to reach gold medal in the Olympics game 1912. Or Olympics in 1976 when Canada was the Olympic host. They struggled the most to win eight in total 11 medals of games.

In general, to build up frame and reputation as nowadays, the Canadian athletes have made efforts the most. They are expected to brighten more in the future when they are owning talented swimmers like Ryan Cochrane, Bronze.