To unforgettable moment in swimming of Canada in Olympics (Part 2)

Swimming is one of the most successful sports of Canada in Olympics season, inlcuding individual and teamwork achievements.

In this article, we continue to collect some unforgettable moments about this game of Canada during the Olympic. To reach the stable ranking as nowadays, all Canadian athletes have tried to improve skills and practises. Sometimes they also face to failure. However, by strong willingness, they have overcome and become one of the best swimming teams. So, they are deserved to praise and honor.

4, The Olympics in Barcelona 1992

This was an impressive achievement of this team because it was a long time for the Canadian team not to reach high position in Olympics.

Coming the season, Mark Tewwkbury made target to win the gold medal. The fact, his performance was highly aprreciated for the Champions.

As expectation, Mark came the final match. His direct opponent was Jeff Rouse of the USA team while Jeff Rouse was leading the first, so ability to win was more difficult. Until some last minutes, Mark changed total result by chasing down Jeff obviously. He looked as if another person with strong energy and spirit. Even, he snatched Jeff to the wall and overcame as the first lot.

Before surprising of all spectators in the stadium, Mark Tewwksbury went the first line and owned the first gold medal. This was the first medal he could do in one Oympic season. It was also the new record to represent for Canadian team when he could break the old record at 53.98 seconds for total length of race.

Until now, this achievement was admiring which not many people can dream to get it during their pro career. So, his achievement was listed as one of the most memorial events during history of swimming in Canada.