To unforgettable moment in swimming of Canada in Olympics (Part 1)

Canada is famous for a swimming nation because both pro athletes and the local love swimming. It is reasonable when Canada usually reach high position in the international ranking for swimming competitions.

Now, we share top unforgettable moments during Olympics season of Canadian 

1, The Stockholm Olympic in 1912

This was a special season of the Canadian national swimming team when they reached the gold medal in the first time.

Although George Hodgon was the only athlete to represent for Canada to compete at Stockholm, he didn’t make their national spectators disappointed. 

He was excellent to have two gold medals in Oympics. Furthermore, he broke the record of 1500m within 22 minutes and the 400m freestyle competition. This performance was strong and impressive.

Until now, when referring to George Hodgon, people in Canada feel proud and happy about he hero- George.

2, The Montreal Olympic in 1976

This was the first time Canada was host for one international event about sports as Olympics. Therefore, all national teams registered their sport with high determining to reach gold medal.

However, the Canadian swimming team had faced series of difficulties before stronger rivals from the USA, Australia so on.

Finally, they had successful records when reaching total 8 gold medals in off all 11 medals. The woman team had a successful season to maximum 7 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

3, The Los Angeles Olympic in 1984

This season was described as the Gold rush because a long time they had ever not received any medal in Olympic.

Until the Olympic 1984, the result was dramatically improved when Alex Bauman had two gold medals in 200m and 400m individual event. Although he was in serious injury about tendinitis, he could overcome challenge to have gold medal for his team.