Top the greatest places for surfing in Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful nations for water sport activities such as surfing, scuba diving, swimming or jumping to the sea…the nature gives ideal weather and location to organize and discover amazing water sports.

In this article, we continue to share top the greatest places you should try surfing in Canada. Following it if you are a fan of water sports.

3/ The mountain Wave in Alberta

Someone prefer more adventure with surfing, the mountain Wave is also a proper option.

It is located in the Kananaskis river, the Wave has obtained series of strongly standing man-made river waves so surfers feel amazing and a little adventurous when doing in it.

In general, this Wave looks steep and powerful with extreme depth in the bottom and length with 5 meters. This area is so great to discover surfing naturally.

From the Wave, you can go to Calgary by surfing. It is an interesting experience for any player. 

4/ Sandbanks in the Great Lake in Ontario

Located in Ontario, Sandbank is another recommended place for surfing with special experience. At there, you feel power of waves from wind which swells from the NE, SW or W arrival.

The influence from natural factor makes more complicated and difficult for your trip. However, you should know surfing from strength of wind only can exit some hours. Then it can disappear fast. 

From surfing in Ontario, you also can choose Kincardine Station beach near the Sandbanks to collect more places for relaxing.

5/ Sturgeon Falls in Manitoba

Have you ever surfed in any fall? It’s great experience when you can go to higher level for your travel.

Surfing in Sturgeon has a wide range of waves depending on speed and level of river waver in the Great Lake. It is different from sizes and flow speed of surfing.