Top 3 Surf Spots to Try Out In Canada

If you are looking to catch some waves in Canada, you can never miss a spot to do this. Provided the weather serves you well in the summer, there are some great locations where you can put your surfing skills on show. This post will review some of the waviest locations to surf in Canada. Read on.

1. Cox Bay Beach

This spot in British Columbia hosts some of the world’s most renowned surfing competitions. While it is crowded, for the most part, it is suitable for surfing all year through and this works well for habitual surfers. The winds here serve you well and if you’re looking to become a world class surfer, then you should make the journey to British Columbia today.

2. Sandbanks

Located on the Great Lakes, Sandbanks is one of the best inland surfing locations that you can find in Canada. The spot puts a highlight on Ontario, a city well known because of business and education. Nevertheless, if you are looking to have some fun on a weekend, you can do some surfing at this spot. Compared to Cox Bay Beach above, Sandbanks is relatively less crowded. Less vicious winds also make this one of the best spots for learners looking to test the waters on surfing.

3. Summerville

Nova Scotia is home to Summerville, an awesome beach break near Port Mouton. This amazing surf spot works well for surfers especially with the North West winds blowing. If you are looking to do some sightseeing while you surf, Summerville has one of the best views ever. This beach break borders the mouth of a river on the other end and offers a great spot for chilling after catching a few waves. Access is also easy as there is an access road straight up to the beach break.