Top greatest locations to enjoy water sports in Canada

Canada is located in the North America. It is well known in whole world with stunning natural places and urban sceneries. Estimated every year, Canada welcome about 35 million tourists to visit. Besides it, Canada is also famous with favorite locations to play water sports. For some sport lovers, it is extremely interesting to discover.

In this article, we recommend some greatest destinations you should go if preferring to play watersport in your next holiday.

1/ Surfing in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, there are some beaches with consistently good surf. They are considered as excellent places with well-hidden gems. Lawrencetown is the most popular spot which is far from Halifax only few miles.

If you worry about ability of surfing, it can be solved by high services at there. There are short-term and long-term surfing course with enough levels for your options. They also provide certifications after courses. Only after some instructions, you can start surfing easily.

They also provide surfing equipment for rent. So, you don’t need to bring is during your trip. All can be sold at the accessory shop. It is available around hotels near beaches.

The perfect time to surf is after dark. It’s amazing to immerse from waves level to other waves. You should try it in September to enjoy the best weather for surfing.

2/ White water rafting in British Columbia

The Kicking Horse River in British Columbia is one of the most leading spots for white water rafting in Canada. It’s a good idea to discover a natural and adventurous trip with water sports.

This river is always famous with natural beauty from the 19th century until now. It’s a perfect option for any water sport lovers in the world.

Several companies provide full services for white water rafting sport from 3-4 hours or longer depending on your option. They also offer places for break and lunch.