5 Safety Tips When Jet Skiing In Canada

Canada offers some of the best jet skiing locations you can find anywhere in the world. To enjoy the thrill of this water sport, it is important to ensure you adhere to safety tips. In this post, we highlight some of the things you can do to ensure that you avoid many accidents when jet skiing.

1. Always Have A Life Jacket On

You can never be too sure. Whether you are a skilled swimmer or an amateur, a life jacket is highly recommended when on a Jet Ski. Ensure the rental service you are using avails a life jacket before you hop onto the Jet Ski.

2. Don’t Jet Ski Under Influence Of Drugs

Whether it is alcohol or any other medicinal drug that may impair your judgement. It is important to always ride a jet ski only when you are sober. Avoid any temptation to ride one especially when drunk.

3. Have A Partner

This safety tip is especially important for amateurs. It is easy to feel overly confident and start riding a jet ski without a partner. However, this can be a fatal risk and it is, therefore, advisable to always have a skilled partner with you for supervision.

4. Maintain Low Speeds

There is a lot of thrill that comes with riding a jet ski fast. However, this is dangerous and it is advisable to avoid overspeeding when riding a jet ski. Always stay within the recommended speed limit when riding a jet ski.

5. Put On A Watercraft Helmet

It is always advisable to wear a watercraft helmet when riding a jet ski. This precaution comes in handy in the event that an accident occurs. Before boarding a jet ski, ask the safety instructor to avail one for you. In the absence of one, it is advisable not to ride a jet ski on that day.