Top Four Water Sports in Canada

Around 35 million people visit Canada for recreational and adventuring purposes. For decades now, this country has become one of the favourite destinations for many people. So, if you are planning the next tour, this country should top the list of your destinations. You will not only enjoy the best dishes and cocktails but also have a good time taking part in water sports, such as the following.

Water Skiing

Alberta province has a lot of lakes. So, it is a perfect place to go water skiing. Besides, many tournaments are hosted there each year. If you have never done this before, you can consider taking free lessons from skiing experts. In case you want your children to be part of it, there are kid’s programmes that they can sign up for.


There are many rivers and lakes in Quebec. Hence, it can be an excellent destination for you to go canoeing. As a matter of fact, this city has a long history when it comes to canoeing. This city welcomes paddlers to explore amazing landscapes. So, if you are searching for outdoor activity, consider none other than canoeing.


Nova Scotia is a fantastic spot that has hidden gems. Most people regard it as a home to beaches with excellent surfing spots. Nova Scotia also has surfing schools that you can attend and get a certificate. So, if you wish to surf, consider purchasing the necessary instruments for surfing.


This is one of the water sports that you may consider in Quebec. As mentioned, it has a countless number of lakes and rivers on which you can do kayaking. This is also one of the safest activities, even for beginners. Hence, if you are a starter, you may want to consider this sport.


There are many water sports that you may consider in Canada. Therefore, if you visit this place, make sure you go kayaking, skiing, surfing, and canoeing, among others.